First, one caveat: I mostly find social media to be extraordinarily annoying and an extreme example of solipsism. Of course I am just as guilty of solipsism as all the rest, thus the globe below showing my many visitors the few poor saps who have found me by accident. Plus, like at least a few others I know, my attention span for anything tech-related seems to last five seconds per application. At most. This seems to be okay since at least occasionally that's the appropriate scale with which to measure the useful life of these applications. Here today, gone tomorrow...ashes to ashes...and all that jazz.

At the moment I occasionally post to Tumblr, mostly because I like the minimalist template I can display to the world at large, whatever that means. When I log into any of the other social media services and see the cluttered crap on the screen, I have a visceral reaction, similar to the one I had when I spent several weeks trying to find the source of some foul smelling thing in my garage last summer. Whatever it was, it seems to have vanished, as I suspect most of the social media rot will, too. That said, among the ways to reach me.

Which leads to a second caveat: I'm often unresponsive for weeks at a stretch due to the peculiarities of temperament, or because I'm doing the dishes.

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